Frequently Asked Questions

Do Elite Monkey Bars conform to Australian Standards?

Yes, Elite Monkey Bars have been certified by Australia’s leading playground engineering firm to meet current Australian Standard 8124.6

Have Elite Monkey Bars load tested their design?

Yes,  it has been static load tested to 1000kg.

How long are the actual monkey bars?

Elite Monkey Bars have the longest monkey bars on the market with 10-rungs (3.0M) which means your kids won’t grow out of them.

What materials are Elite Monkey Bars made from?

Elite Monkey Bars are made from Australian galvanised medium weight steel pipe. Double coated with a two-stage coating system of priming and powder coating.

What colours are available?

The colours we have available include, Blue, Lime Green and Teal.

Do Elite Monkey Bars come with a warranty?

Yes. Elite Monkey Bars come with a 4-year warranty on the frame and a 1-year warranty on the accessories.

Installation Questions

What surface can I install my monkey bars on?

Our Monkey Bars are designed to peg into a soft surface. Such as Grass, Synthetic Turf, Soil or Soft fall. DO NOT install over concrete, tiles, timber decking or any other hard surface.

Are concrete footings required?

No. Elite Monkey Bars design includes a stabilising bar off each corner. Meaning, there is no need to concrete frame, simply, install a 300mm long peg into each foot.

Are the monkey bars height adjustable?

Yes, you can set the bars as low as 1.2M for toddlers or as high as 2.3M for the teenagers.

How long will it take to install my Elite Monkey Bar set?

You should allow 2 hours to completely set up your Elite Monkey Bar set.

Do you offer an installation service?

Yes, please send us an email for a quote today.

Should my Elite Monkey Bars frame move?

Yes, you will get slight movement as these frames are free-standing. However, using the long arm allen key supplied, please ensure all grub screws are tightened sufficiently. 

If you are unsure, please contact us  for more info.